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4 Common Signs of Foundation Problems

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A house is anyone’s biggest investment. It will cost a lot of money starting from the construction to buying the appliances. That’s why we should never wonder why it cost to protect. So as a homeowner, you should do some inspection and maintenance to your foundation to make sure it’s still sturdy.  

The two types of home foundation are pier and beam foundation and concrete slabs foundation can develop issues that will require a Burleson Foundation Repair. To avoid spending too much on the repairs, the following are the warning signs that you should look out for.  

  1. Foundation Cracks and Fractures 

Cracks on floor, wall, and other types of fractures signal a foundation problem. The foundation might experience movements and shifting because of many reasons, these will create gaps in the exterior of your house or foundation that are considered as very serious concerns. The surrounding soil might contract and pressure the wall, creating gaps and cracks.  

If you’re examining the wall or foundation, determine if the cracks are horizontal or vertical. If the crack is at 45 degree angle, the foundation experienced a severe movement. Overtime, it will develop large tears.  

        2. Sinking or Settling Foundation 

If your house is having settlement issues, you should ask a professional to check it out. This is another sign that your foundation is in trouble. To spot this, notice if your house is balanced. If the other is lower than the other, it could that. If this is the case, the foundation needs to be lifted. Foundation piers will then be installed. The piers are installed around the perimeter foundation or at the structure’s interior.  

Overtime the areas of the foundation begin to settle. The other side begins to sink first in a downward position. This will make the foundation out of level. Even if the house has an equal load bearing on each side, the moisture on each side varies, that’s why one section begins to settle or sink before the others.  

        3. Foundation Upheaval 

This is the opposite of sinking foundation. If the slab foundation is moving in an upward direction, it’s experiencing upheaval. This will affect the concrete slab foundation and some of the structure’s interior like doorways and hallways. The garage outside connected to the house is mostly going to be pushed upwards too.  

The main reasons of upheaval are excessive moisture and expanding or contracting soil. If the type of soil you have is clay, it’s more likely to be affected too because it gains more volume when wet.  

        4. Doors Don’t Open and Close Properly 

If the doors are sticking when you open or close them, you have a potential issue on your foundation. The interior doors will drag and stick at the top while the exterior doors appear uneven and sometimes hand down at the top. This is an issues that affects whatever kind of foundation you have, whether commercial or residential structure. A professional should evaluate this problem, because this might lead to cracking or moisture issues.  


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Major Signs That Your Home Needs A Foundation Repair

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Most of the time homeowners do tend to hesitate to make home improvements. Home improvements can be costly and not really included in your budget. But when it comes to structural improvements, especially your home foundation, you might want to reconsider.   

Foundation Repair Contractors is standing by in case you need them. Your home might be in danger of flooding and other major damages if you ignore these major signs that your home foundation might have caused and needs a major repair.  

Cracks and fractures everywhere  

If your home foundation is unstable, this causes for your home to lose its balance. Cracks and small fractures on the wall and floors are very visible. Unless you have experience strong earthquakes to easily determine the cracks, then your foundation needs a fix. Weak foundation can cause erosion and you home can go down anytime if you ignore this sign.  

Your doors get stuck.  

You can determine easily if your foundation is getting weaker through doors. If you cannot close or open your doors properly it’s because your house is all tilted. Tilted in a certain angle and misaligning the jambs of your doors. Try to close and open your doors and if you notice you are having hard time doing it than the usual, you might as well call your contractors.  

Uneven Floors  

Uneven floors would be the most noticeable sign that you have foundation problems. Your floors are close to your home’s foundation, over time they get saggy and weak. There are no DIY fixes on this kind of problem and ignoring it will not help. Check your floors now and see if there are uneven spaces.   

Cabinet and Counters Separate  

Just like jamb doors, if you see your cabinets and counters are not in place or separate from the wall, that can be a major sign. This can also cause damage and injuries at home. Counters and cabinets are heavy and when attached to the all, it can easily fall and break. Avoid these kinds of damages and check your foundation now.  

Foundation Settling  

Unless your house is designed to tilt or sink in an unusual way, then it is your foundation settling. You might not notice it at once glance but notice how your house looks like from afar. And if you notice it is tilting, then go ahead and call your contractors for a sight visit.   

When to fix and solve these foundation problems?  

Only your foundation contractors can fix that problem. As soon as you see unusual cracks and tilting, you should make a call as soon as possible. Determining on how much damage has been caused are also the job of foundation contractors. Do not wait to see more signs of problems before you seek help, the fact that your home foundation is unstable means anytime it can develop into major damage. This can put your family or any home members in danger. It is wise to consider the signs and have them checked as early as now.  

Nothing is more important that your safety so do not ignore the major signs of home foundation deterioration and get a hold of your local foundation contractors to ensure you homes stability.

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